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I'm a medical student and passioned mathematician and physicist and I had in the last time an idea.
I wanted to realise some things about the gravitationenergie of bodies, to unlock this from the earth gravitation and to use the energie to move, for example, a spaceship in space.

A reportage about the destruction of the Worldtrade Center brought something to my attention.
They showed pictures of the steel structure that didn't exploded, it melted and made me thinking of the cause.

I'm also interested in computers and I know how important and sensitive dates can be. And  so it's important to protect the information of nearly every economic movement in the world
in the computers of the Worldtrade Center during a time of moving up of UMTS-frequencies and a time when it is easy for a computer hacker to hack himself via wireless telephones in to the centers network.

I think, that it had been an accident of a plan to energize the metal structure of the buildings with an electromagnetic field via a specific frequency, to block off from outside influences.

Sometimes this happens during new projects. But the field rised up and produced an electromagnetic effect that corrected the autopilot of any aeroplane, nearby, that had the course to the north, to fly into the buildings. The special frequency also created a welding effect on the steel structure, like cooking water in a microwave or like vibrating glass via a special voice frequency, that introduced the melting of the steel construction and the collapse of the buildings.

Like the plasticbox in the microwave, the downfalling paper and other materials didn't started to burn.                 

Some witnesses told also about some workings in some floors with loud sounds of drills, that in some theories, should had been some dynamite preparations. But if you want to prepare the steel structure with electricity, you also have to get a direct contact through the cement to the steel.
It exist a story about a policeman who got cancer years after the disaster, caused of a possible nuke under the building (ground zero). 
I know that a high energie field also can produce an electromagnetic puls (EMP)  that works like the EMP of a nuke.
A third building collapsed because there had been an installation of an electromagnetic field too. 

What looks like a hole is just dark smoke and steel blackened with soot, because it has a rough surface. The aluminiumplating is polished, so the soot didn't clung at. The impact didn't destroied the steel structure that could have caused the collapse. 
A digital camera, with a image improvement technology would also realise deep dust as a hole.

In the buildings there had been parts of the biggest and most important families of the earth, including members of the family of Usama ibn Ladin.
This concentration of pain and incomprehension, of the victim's families, in many ways and the confusing situation had been a good inhibitor for suspicion and a hotbed for horror imaginations.

And finally, what would be, if the nocent people died in the buildings during their experiment. A Project like this have to be realised in a little circle of knowing people. If A hacker would had knew of it, he would had have a better possibility to realise the technic to conquer this electromagnetic barrier. Ca. five people organised it. The workings did some different people who never got a conclusion of it.

But I want to get: http://www.facebook.com/WorldTradeCenterAccident

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